Cloud-based solutions are the new future for programmers and the data scientists

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Machine learning and deep learning capabilities are continuing to expand greatly. I have observed the massive potential towards adopting data science approaches in many industries.

People have now started exploring python and getting hands-on practice with the python environment because it is now the widely accepted programming language for any…

Self-paced courses are just sleeping pills; Industry experts are the right choice

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I started my data science journey back in 2016. At that time, machine learning boot camps were much popular. The only requirement of the course was basic Python knowledge. I felt so happy because I used to play with Python codes at that time, so I opted for the course.

The data science workflow is getting automated day by day

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I have been in the data science field for the last half-decade when python programming came into the trend. Back then, in 2016, neural networks and deep learning were just some buzzy words. At that time, there was a hype about Google self-driving cars and reinforcement learning. …

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