Self-paced courses are just sleeping pills; Industry experts are the right choice

Adult and child working on a computer
Adult and child working on a computer

I started my data science journey back in 2016. At that time, machine learning boot camps were much popular. The only requirement of the course was basic Python knowledge. I felt so happy because I used to play with Python codes at that time, so I opted for the course.

The usual practice of human beings — when we’re learning something new — is to try and collect as much material from different places. We may think that these resources will help us learn more. And, the more variety of materials you have, the more choice you can have to…

“No-Code” machine learning is the future

Python programming got the hype and the attention because of the popularity of data science. As of now, in 2021, we have two famous programming languages Python and R, for data science and analytics. But, if we talked about back in 2016, we were having a single famous programming language for data science modeling, Python.

Indeed, Python is also used for web development, and its Django & Flask framework is so much used in many industries. But, we have many other programming languages like Java, Javascript with its popular library React that can do that same web development efficiently. …

Handy features to improve your Python programming skills

1. Condition Inside the print Function

Have you ever thought you could write the entire condition inside the print function and print the output based on the conditions? Here is how you can achieve this:

print("odd" if int(input("Enter a num: "))%2 else "even")


The data science workflow is getting automated day by day

I have been in the data science field for the last half-decade when python programming came into the trend. Back then, in 2016, neural networks and deep learning were just some buzzy words. At that time, there was a hype about Google self-driving cars and reinforcement learning. But, most of the data science enthusiasts were not even aware of the working of neural networks.

Today in 2021, most companies are adopting a data science strategy to make more revenue by automating different scenarios and replacing dozens of IT people with a single data scientist who can automate the task of…

Speedup pandas, quick data profiling, data scraping, and many more

1. Grab text from the image

pytesseract is a python library that can help us read the text from the image in a single line of python code. First thing is to read any image — that we can do using OpenCV.

Let’s install them first.

pip install opencv-python
pip install pytesseract

We need to download a .exe file to check if pytesseract is working fine in your machine.

Make alluring and interactive Lenses

Lens Studio enables the scripting engine to create alluring interactive experiences. With scripts, Lenses can respond to touch input, play animation and audio, modify Scene Objects and several other options. This article provides a broad overview of Lens Studio scripting and the usage of script graphs to create interactive Lenses.

Visual Scripting is simple programming and can be easily understood as the accession to all the possibilities of regular code scripting, without writing any code at all.

To be more comprehensive, Lens Studio encompasses several helper scripts to enable the addition of interactive lenses without writing any code. Scripts are…

These skills will never let you down

Excel is still in demand and will always be. If you are going to pursue your career in the data science field, you must have a good command of excel. Having good knowledge doesn’t mean — you should know how excel works. But, you should be able to work on an excel sheet quickly.

Now you will think why I am asking you to learn excel as a data scientist. I can feel the same as I had gone through the same situation when I started my data science journey.

When we work in a data science industry, every project…

I made these mistakes so that you shouldn’t have to

child watching a video on a computer screen
child watching a video on a computer screen

Data science is on a boom nowadays. I have observed the traffic of data science aspirants on my LinkedIn timeline in the last three months. This hike seems valid as there are massive openings for data science jobs this year.

I have received messages from 50+ people from different locations regarding the data science learning path. Many are not aware of the right data science path to select.

As I read the messages, I observed that many are unaware of the proper practice to follow in their data science journey. …

AI can now write complex database queries on your command

Japanese alleyway
Japanese alleyway
  • Me: “Hi, Excel! Show me the gender distribution of people who are from the USA and like to play video games.”
  • Excel: “Here you go, sir! You may pull the graphical report in a few seconds.”
  • Me: “Hmm. Now remove the filter for the country and show me the modified global chart.”
  • Excel: “Here you go!”

Can you imagine that? The complete task of writing the complex database query, making the graphical chart out of the filtered data, further modifications in the query, and finally showing the new modified plots was done within a few seconds on your voice command!

From manual to an automated approach

Python is an amazing programming language. It is easier to learn and adapt. The error messages in python are self-explainable. We don’t need to invest hours to find the solution to our error message. That’s why I love this programming language.

I think this should be the ideal programming language. A programming language's goal should be to help us build exciting products, not wasting time in solving errors.

Recently, I have learned about automating excel tasks using python. I thought of sharing those amazing tricks with a wider audience. This automating strategy use python programming. …

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