Cloud-based solutions are the new future for programmers and the data scientists

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Machine learning and deep learning capabilities are continuing to expand greatly. I have observed the massive potential towards adopting data science approaches in many industries.

People have now started exploring python and getting hands-on practice with the python environment because it is now the widely accepted programming language for any kind of data science task, however, as we move on to the machine learning part, we usually get stuck with machine performance and configuration.

Machine Learning Models need Powerful Scalable Environment

Machine learning and deep learning areas need powerful, quality machines to train our model. …

Self-paced courses are just sleeping pills; Industry experts are the right choice

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I started my data science journey back in 2016. At that time, machine learning boot camps were much popular. The only requirement of the course was basic Python knowledge. I felt so happy because I used to play with Python codes at that time, so I opted for the course.

The usual practice of human beings — when we’re learning something new — is to try and collect as much material from different places. We may think that these resources will help us learn more. And, the more variety of materials you have, the more choice you can have to…

“No-Code” machine learning is the future

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Python programming got the hype and the attention because of the popularity of data science. As of now, in 2021, we have two famous programming languages Python and R, for data science and analytics. But, if we talked about back in 2016, we were having a single famous programming language for data science modeling, Python.

Indeed, Python is also used for web development, and its Django & Flask framework is so much used in many industries. But, we have many other programming languages like Java, Javascript with its popular library React that can do that same web development efficiently. …

Handy features to improve your Python programming skills

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1. Condition Inside the print Function

Have you ever thought you could write the entire condition inside the print function and print the output based on the conditions? Here is how you can achieve this:

print("odd" if int(input("Enter a num: "))%2 else "even")


The data science workflow is getting automated day by day

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I have been in the data science field for the last half-decade when python programming came into the trend. Back then, in 2016, neural networks and deep learning were just some buzzy words. At that time, there was a hype about Google self-driving cars and reinforcement learning. But, most of the data science enthusiasts were not even aware of the working of neural networks.

Today in 2021, most companies are adopting a data science strategy to make more revenue by automating different scenarios and replacing dozens of IT people with a single data scientist who can automate the task of…

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This article will show you how to play sound in your Lens. We’ll learn how to import a sound resource, add the audio component to the scene, and how to play the sound.

Recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Use the MP3 format.
  2. Use mono instead of stereo.
  3. Use sounds that are <15 seconds.

Sounds are added to a scene using an Audio component added to an object. Sounds are played using a short playback script.Your Lens can play multiple sounds simultaneously, for example, looping background ambiance paired with event-based sound effects.

Importing the Sound

In order to import your sound, drag and drop…

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In our Spark AR effect we can add two kinds of texts. The first one is the regular text which is static and the second one is dynamic text.

Dynamic text changes with time. We can add a counter which will increase based on the time defined, add weather information that will get updated as the weather changes, and also add a time clock that updates itself. There are many more cool dynamic text features that you can explore.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process of adding dynamic text to your effect.

Step 1: Setting up Spark AR Studio

The very first step is to…

Helpful for your daily tasks

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If you are willing to learn data science, Pandas is one of the most important libraries that you need to learn.

Pandas is the industry standard library for data organization cleaning and manipulation and it is used by almost all data scientists across the globe. Although really powerful to work with, there are a few tricks that can make your workflow more efficient.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 such tricks that can be beneficial to you whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer.

1. Adjusting rows and columns of a data frame

Many times when we are checking some unprocessed datasets, we encounter…

Easier yet useful tips for python programmers

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We all know that Python codes are more concise and have higher reliability than other languages. But Python is more powerful than you think. There are numerous shortcuts and tricks to use in Python which will definitely make the codebase much more precise and will optimize the execution of the code too.

In today’s article, we will talk about 7 such tips and tricks which you can readily use in your Python project. Most of the tricks are not always used by a beginner programmer so it will also help you to stand out from the rest!

1. Calculate the runtime of your code

Calculating the run…

The future of AR-powered lenses

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Apple and Google have published reports estimating $3.4 billion in sales for augmented reality products and apps in 2019. They predict $36.4 billion in earnings from that sector alone in 2023.

Corporations from around the world are now investing in AR. Facebook is keeping up with its Spark AR technology. People have been able to create and post camera effects on Facebook and Instagram since 2017.

Spark AR Studio is a PC-based editor that lets users create effects for camera frames and shots. …

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